March 2012

To preserve or to enjoy: that’s the question

by Alexander Roberto Moust March 7, 2012 Art
jean francois albanis de beaumont persian design for everyday silver cutlery

My art world career started with cataloguing collections of paintings, sculpture and decorative art. I much enjoyed the process because I got to know the objects whilst researching them. I tried to guess to whom they would have belonged over the years, decades and centuries. I still love handling art: seeing a monumental painting being […]

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It Has Happened

by Alexander Roberto Moust March 4, 2012 Photography
photo : Lutz Baumann

For lovers of experimental photography in Paris, TPTP’s December-show, It Has Happened, was a thought-provoking group exhibition which did not disappoint. Subtle strains of classical music set the tone for the December 12th, 2009 opening at the gallery on 20 rue Muller, in Montmartre where visitors were invited to explore a compelling selection of contemporary photography […]

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