Ton van der Lee

Ton van der Lee

Ton studied literature in Amsterdam, then became a film director and producer. He has travelled extensively all over the world and has lived in Africa from 1996 to 2007. He still has a home in Mali, published 8 books on Africa and other subjects and has made a number of documentary films, most of them about Africa.

His new documentary film The Promise premiered at the Dutch Film Festival in September 2011 and was broadcasted on 10 Feb, 2011. A new book came out in October. Currently he is writing a novel about corruption and aid in Africa.

The Power of the Dove

by Ton van der Lee February 14, 2012 Film
healing ritual

Written by Ton van der Lee The sun is setting over the Kalahari desert. It’s been a hot day. I am in a remote settlement in northern Botswana. Tsitano, a traditional healer of the San people (formerly known as Bushmen, the oldest people on earth) is preparing himself for the night. He is going to […]

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