Mad Hatter : Accent-trick or Eccentric?

by Alexander Roberto Moust June 21, 2011 Fashion
stephen jones

Stephen Jones The Fashion Museum  MOMU in Antwerp dazzles us once more with an unexpectedly interesting solo-exhibition. This time the Brittish hatmaker Stephen Jones is ”in vogue”. Not just magazine covers like Vogue, I-D and The Face  have been embellished with photos of models wearing his creations. We have all frequently seen his hats over […]

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Vincent’s selfportrait isTheo’s

by Alexander Roberto Moust June 21, 2011 Art
Van Gogh: a self-portrait actually depicts his brother, Theo

Amsterdam, 21 June 2011   EXHIBITION: VAN GOGH IN ANTWERP AND PARIS: NEW PERSPECTIVES IN VAN GOGH MUSEUM AMSTERDAM Was Vincent van Gogh first and foremost an impulsive genius? How well have Van Gogh’s colours withstood the ravages of time? And did Van Gogh make a painting of his brother Theo after all? To start […]

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ONTFRONT menswear

by Alexander Roberto Moust June 21, 2011 Fashion

A shift from night to day in menswear Meeting up with Liza Koifman and Tomas Overtoom , the key figures of ONTFRONT based in Amterdam, has never been difficult. Apart from designing their menswear they also used to celebrate the arts in a wider context in nightlife before starting their fashion label half a decade […]

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Jean-Paul Sartre

by Gary Goldschneider June 21, 2011 Literature
Jean-Paul Sartre

Born June 21 (The Day of Worldly Rapture) Probably the dominant French intellectual of the 20th century, Sartre was not an ivory tower philosopher but one who brought his philosophy to the people and took his stand on political issues. It is impossible to imagine that century without him (he was born in 1905 and […]

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Eric Dolphy

by Gary Goldschneider June 20, 2011 Music

Born June 20 (The Day of Ecstatic Appeal) Dolphy is the supreme example of the highly conceptual, avante-garde jazz musician who was largely unappreciated in his time. A master of the bass clarinet, an instrument he personally introduced into jazz, and also a flutist and alto saxophonist, Dolphy was the musician’s musician, a free jazz […]

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Salman Rushdie

by Gary Goldschneider June 19, 2011 Literature

Born June 19 (The Day of The Spark) In this case the spark that Rushdie generated with his controversial, some would say inflammatory novel, The Satanic Verses, almost succeeded in physically blowing him up. A book bomb which was to be mailed to him did however manage to destroy the bomb maker along with two […]

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Paul McCartney

by Gary Goldschneider June 18, 2011 Music
paul mccartney

Born June 18 (The Day of Financial Security) As possibly the most financially successful creative artist of all time, McCartney’s position raises the whole question of how the artist’s work is accorded recognition and reward; also as to whether success has a limiting or negative influence on the expression of creativity itself. That paintings done […]

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Igor Stravinsky

by Gary Goldschneider June 17, 2011 Music

Born June 17 (The Day of Artful Force) Igor Stravinsky cut most of his law school classes and spent more and more time studying orchestration with Rimsky-Korsakoff. For  Diaghalev’s dance company he wrote the ballets Firebird, Petrouchka, and Rite of Spring. The latter was written in 1911 and caused a sensation at its Paris premiere […]

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Doc Diva receives award

by Alexander Roberto Moust May 5, 2011 Film
Ally Derks receives Doc Mogul award

Founder and director of IDFA Ally Derks is the recipient of this year’s Doc Mogul Award at the Hot Docs documentary festival in Toronto.  The prize was presented on Tuesday 3 May at a lunch in Derks’ honor in recognition of her important contribution to the documentary industry, both nationally and internationally. Hot Docs, which […]

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by Alexander Roberto Moust January 23, 2011 Fashion

For insiders Delvaux – a luxury leather bags brand based in Brussels – is not just the oldest in the world of its kind. It is also still a fashionable one- the company has changed throughout the years and has taken many different craftsmen and designers on board. Artistic Director Veronique Branquinho- herself a distinguished […]

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