David Yarrow

A WILD ENCOUNTER with David Yarrow Text and questions Alexander Moust Dear David. First of all thank; you so much for receiving a long-lasting visual and textual delight as part of myself reviewing your book and work.  ———————————— AW) If myself and all the readers of this magazine were aliens coming from another galaxy and… Continue reading David Yarrow

Silence is a Falling Body

As the IDFA festival unfolded during its 30th edition, I got a chance to speak to Augustina Comedi, director of the feature length film: Silence is a falling body. I was introduced by a friend interested in gender issue related films and I had no expectations whatsoever before entering the screening. The film is mainly… Continue reading Silence is a Falling Body

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Kari Anne Moe interview in 2016

Kari Ann Moe’s new internationally released documentary film ‘Rebels’ deals with young people in their late teens or early twenties in the city of Oslo. Most of them dropped out of society at an early stage in life. Many of them have a very low self-esteem, have a small or larger criminal past, are simply… Continue reading Kari Anne Moe interview in 2016

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Breda Photo 2016 is about YOU

The international Photo Exhibition Breda Photo 2016 will have ‘YOU’ as its central concept. How interesting it could be to be able to study in which ways other photographers have captured and narrated stories in relation to ‘US’, the viewers and protagonists. Or was it not just that?

Denim Days ®

When we speak of fashion we seldom address jeans or denim as they belong so much to everyday casual streetwear and used to be for working class people only. But Denim and Jeans represent much more. As a matter of fact, they are enshrined in all of our contemporary genes – yes genes, not jeans.… Continue reading Denim Days ®

World Press Photo 16

Winning photo and other shots from WPP16

16 April, Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands World Press Photo is among the most influential photo exhibitions in the world and it cannot be denied that photojournalism is still and ever evolving.

Our City by Maria Tarantino

When shown first to an international audience at IDFA festival in Amsterdam last November in 2014, the documentary ‘OUR CITY’, made around the city of Brussels and its inhabitants was likely to be focusing on the many different kinds of people who have come there in the past and present to build themselves a new… Continue reading Our City by Maria Tarantino

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