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October 2011


New museum of a striking beauty in Antwerp. Recently a new building and museum has been opened in the city of Antwerp adjecent its vast harbour area. The Mas (Museum at the stream – free translation) has already been remarked for its architectural beauty by many different art lovers. It is for example ranked in [...]

King Adz

Wonderful interview on the phone live from London after me and King Adz met in Amsterdam in the winter of 2010 where he presented his latest book Street Knowledge. Apart from talking about the content of the book which involves many daring street artist from all over the world we spoke about the film ”Exit [...]

Gary Goldschneider interview

Recorded for the English Breakfast radio Amsterdam, where me and Gary both live, we sat down at his home where he played me a few tunes and we had a wonderful conversation on his latest book: Everyday Astrology. In this audio segment only a quarter of the entire conversation is used for broadcasting but it [...]

RAW Rhythm Festival 2009

Raw Rhythm will probably be held this year in 2010 under another name and will also conceptually change. After speaking to a representative from it’s organisers updates on the festival will be released in due time this year. Listen to the interviews that were conducted during the festival in 2009 and broadcasted on the air [...]

YDU at Hermitage Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Hermitage museum was proud to present 10 designers: Young Designers United- based in Amsterdam they were mentored by Claes Iversen – an upcoming Danish/Dutch designer also showing at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week- and showed each a mini collection inspired on the current exhibition ”at the Russian Court”. On the 27th of January [...]

Mila Turalic

Director of the film Cinema Komunisto explains on her first encounter with Avala film: ”I first went into the Avala Film studios when I was a student in film school. Sent there to get equipment for a student film, I found myself overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the place. It was immense, a ghost town [...]

Kinshasa Symfonie

Live interview from Berlin with Martin Baer – director. Two hundred orchestral musicians are playing Beethoven’s Ninth – Freude schöner Götterfunken. A power cut strikes just a few bars before the last movement. Problems like this are the least of the worries facing the only symphony orchestra in the Congo. In the 15 years of [...]


The Van Gogh Museum is once again proud to present another great and revealing exhibition in its side wing on the Museumsquare in Amsterdam. Unveiling old photographs made with instant Kodak cameras in the late years of the 19th century in relation to paintings made by both famous painters and painters yet unknown to a [...]

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