The Stuff you can’t bottle

King Adz presenting his new book:

ABC Amsterdam, Hotel V – Lecture Hotel V: Friday, April 5, 20:00 / Book signing ABC: Saturday, April 6, 15:00

ABC and Hotel V would like to invite you to a book presentation and public interview with creative director, author, filmmaker, and TED alumni King Adz. The event will be moderated by Erik Kessels from advertising agency KesselsKramer.

Date: Friday, April 5, 2013
Time: 20.00 (doors open at 19.00)
Location: Hotel V
Tickets: €8,- / make a reservation

If you can’t make it to this lecture and public interview with King Adz in Hotel V, you have a chance to meet the King the following day at the book signing of The Stuff You Can’t Bottle at the American Book Center at 15.00

The Stuff You Can’t Bottle: Advertising for the Global Youth Market:
The death of traditional advertising couldn’t have come at a better time, and as you’ve probably guessed it’s all down to digital. The world 2.0 is so savvy and connected and switched on that the traditional advertising – print and TV – had to fall sooner or later.

In the networked, multimedia era of Internet 2.0, the only way for advertisers and brands to have any hope of making a connection with the very tricky and fickle youth market is to get involved with the cultures and subcultures that make up their world. King Adz shares his unique insight into the lives of young people across the globe. His research has taken him to townships, youth hostels, skate parks, clubs, gigs, music festivals and street art events in Europe and North America, Brazil, Russia, China, India, Hong Kong, South Africa and beyond. In each location, he has talked to young people to find out what really gets them going, and he has talked to the advertising creatives who have succeeded in connecting with them. No one can predict what youth will be into next month, but this book shows how creatives can grab its attention, build a relationship and crack the market.

The Stuff You Can’t Bottle covers all aspects of branding, from traditional advertising to digital relationships, in today’s interconnected world where brands need to think globally and merge culture with commerce for a tech-savvy and networked youth audience.
The book is illustrated throughout with cutting-edge imagery from brands and from the streets to give a strong visual representation of the state of the market. It is aimed at the up-and-coming generation of advertisers, as well as experienced professionals who need to stay in touch – and anyone interested in youth culture.

About King ADZ:

King ADZ is a creative director, author, filmmaker, and TED alumni who specializes in creating content for the youth, street, and creative cultures. He is also partial to the odd bit of street food and has written about the phenomenon of food meeting culture in his book the Urban Cookbook. ADZ has traveled constantly for the last 15 years and has had the pleasure of spending time with some very interesting and creative people, documented in his book Street Knowledge. He likes to write about interesting people, places, food and technology.

He has created content for the following brands: Adidas, Converse, Lacoste, Honda, Diesel, Levi’s, Smirnoff, Nokia, Seagram’s, Wrigley’s, The BBC, The British Museum, Nike, Vans, MTV, Channel 4, Taco Bell, Burger King…

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