cultja.com is the unique online forum that brings painting, music, literature, film, design, architecture, plus other hybrid art forms together on one site for the enjoyment and education of the largest possible world audience. It will also allow professional artists as well as administrators, museum curators and producers to comment on their work and venues.

cultja.com is a website that will display quality work and artists only.

It is a platform for young and talented creative people to show their work using photo and video on their personal page.

cultja.com will be functional and handable in its availability to the mobile phone and i-pad market and in being a reference for concert and museum goers, as well as all of those interested and actively working in the domain of the arts, worldwide.

This unique and exciting website will invite the foremost living artists to comment and add creative thoughts daily, weekly or as one-off articles and work.

For them and their audiences it will function as a stage, a library and a museum simultaneously.

Worldwide venues such as museums, festivals, galleries and concert halls will be able to give updates on their presentations through short video & photo content, making it possible for people to get an instant idea of what is going on in the arts at a high level.

Handheld, it could also function to provide guides to informative and entertaining building and museum tours in 3-D.

Tickets and books can be bought through the site or links given to the concert halls, clubs, outdoor and other public art venues.

As we see the borders between different genres in the arts blur, overlap and merge, cultja.com will more and more become a hip, up-to-date guide and forum to get updates about all of them. Visitors to the site can read about the key players in the art world, accessing avant-garde as well as traditional areas in one handy overview.

cultja.com is compatible with the main social networks and devices like the iPad, in addition to other newly emerging technical devices. In time cultja.com will also have diversified into tv and radio broadcasting using its cultja.tv and cultja.fm sections. By then people will avoid having to physically go to a library or search the internet for a quick peek or deeper evaluation of a person, an art work or a piece of music, but be able to get a first impression or outline straight from their laptops, iPads or other devices linked to an internet connection.

They may then choose afterwards to attend the show or concert.

Thus, cultja.com becomes THE place where you access information about culture and share this with others.

As a user one would visit the site for various reasons and the options for him or her might be as follows:

Professional established artists

Acquire a page through our invitation that could display all sorts of info on his or her work along with a few links to social media sites. Video interviews or documents can also be presented. At the outset the beta version of the site will principally work with established artists. These artists will have a username and login code.

Professional users

Selected young, talented artists will be able to join the site and can be given their own page. They can use this personal page on the site as a location to share their work and put together a portfolio along with an agenda or guide that people can consult.

All in all, having a page on cultja.com will be like having a personal site. Thus viewers can find that artist in an easy, centralized setting that will be less costly for the artist than setting up an independent, personal website and getting the attention of a large audience.

Performance groups can also be part of cultja.com: a dance company or a musical ensemble can create their own page and bring their work onto the site, link it to various other sites, share their thoughts and activities. A small fee will be paid by the users to use cultja.com as a professional tool.

Professional users have a user name and login code.

The general public who are curious and interested in culture

From the start, this large group will be able to get all text and photos that were uploaded by the editors and artists. They cannot create a page for themselves but will be able to participate in a discussion forum or chat box if they wish.

They will have to pay a small annual fee to see extended videos and to participate in the forum, emphasizing our selectivity and quality, which could be viewed as being similar to an annual subscription fee to a library. These people will have a personal name or avatar on the site but no page.

To be able to download translated PDF format articles a subscription would be needed. Some articles will be paid for, and the artist or writer that produced these and the translators will get a publication fee or a yearly payment depending on the number of downloads of their material.

Print items in PDF format and videos will display a clearly visible cultja.com logo.


Some banners can be used on the site from quality venues and festivals.
The appearance of the site and the advertising will be tasteful, aesthetic and practical.

As the website grows, many others will join our editorial team. Each professional will manage a certain section, as in newspapers or magazines.

The cultja.com website is solely the creation of Alexander Moust, journalist, writer and filmmaker, and Gary Goldschneider, bestselling author, composer and pianist.

It is our aim to make culture available to all people on this planet and to document and share it with them.