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KYAS ART SALON presents Yoshiyasu Tamura

Not many of the people who came to visit at the special opening of KYAS ART SALON, knew the difference between a gallery and an artist and residency project space. Noteworthy is the fact that Amsterdam is home to the Ateliers or Rijksacademie apart from having its own Rietveld art academy and the film academy, [...]

Golden Age at TEFAF and Drents Museum

Horses are not indigenous to China although they formed a crucial part of the military power of the Tang dynasty, whose emperors ruled the Empire from 618 to 907 AD. At that time riding was a popular pass-time among the Chinese elite who could afford the upkeep of their stables: horses were a status symbol, [...]

To preserve or to enjoy: that’s the question

jean francois albanis de beaumont persian design for everyday silver cutlery

My art world career started with cataloguing collections of paintings, sculpture and decorative art. I much enjoyed the process because I got to know the objects whilst researching them. I tried to guess to whom they would have belonged over the years, decades and centuries. I still love handling art: seeing a monumental painting being [...]

Dreams of Nature

de Zaaier by Van Gogh

Symbolism from Van Gogh to Kandinsky. The curators and  makers of the most inspirational exhibition on symbolist landscapes have assembled 71 grand paintings by 52 artists from 16 different nations into a stylised 2-floor exhibition. Opening today at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, this exhibition is a treat for all art lovers- known or [...]

Art from Asia: Future Pass

With ‘Future Pass’, the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam is presenting the new aesthetics that will dominate the 21st century, just as abstract art dominated the 20th century. More than 130 artists from around the world will show their works: paintings, sculptures, installations, films and photos. After its successful showing at the Venice Biennale, this international exhibition [...]

crisis vs. arts and culture

Edward Munch: The Scream

The economic crisis and the prospects for art and culture in Europe SICA has consulted its partners in a number of European countries in order to gauge the mood in the cultural sector. The first overview was published in June 2010 and updated in October 2010. General None of the countries is currently in a [...]

Novelty: top artworks on Internet


Have you always dreamed of simply sitting at home and be able to study te world’s leading artworks in close up through one simple internetsite? Well here is something you might want to explore. Navigate to the larger museums of the world right from your living room. More than 17 museums with the most popular exhibitions [...]

AICA awards Van Gogh’s letters

On the evening  of the 16th of December 2011 the Van Gogh Museum was presented with the AICA Award for the exhibition Van Gogh’s Letters. The artist speaks, held in the autumn of 2009. This prize is awarded every year by the Association Internationale Critique d’Art (AICA). The jury praised the contemporary way in which [...]

Awaking beauty in Nantes France

Royale Deluxe in Nantes

Located 30 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, on the Loire Estuary, the quality of life of the 6th biggest city of France is regularly quoted as an example in the rankings. Invigorated by the sea air, the city is ventilated by more than 1000 hectares of green spaces and the traffic flow is made [...]


The Van Gogh Museum is once again proud to present another great and revealing exhibition in its side wing on the Museumsquare in Amsterdam. Unveiling old photographs made with instant Kodak cameras in the late years of the 19th century in relation to paintings made by both famous painters and painters yet unknown to a [...]

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