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The public’s interest in art

van gogh museum pressday

Van Gogh Museum welcomes millionth visitor sooner than expected Amsterdam, 9 August 2011 – Today Axel Rüger, director of the Van Gogh Museum, welcomed the museum’s millionth visitor this year. In 2010 this milestone was not reached until three weeks later, at the end of August. The special guest was treated to a festive reception [...]

T. Eakins & M. Parrish

thomas eakins

Thomas Eakins and Maxfield Parrish Born July 25 (The Day of Quixotic Exploits) Although Eakins (1844-1916) and Parrish (1870-1966) were of different generations, their lives shared a great deal in common. Both were born in Philadelphia, both attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (where Eakins also taught), but most importantly both were staunchly [...]

A. Calder & E. Hopper

alexander calder

Alexander Calder and Edward Hopper Born July 22 (The Day of Occupational Fluctuation) Alexander Calder and Edward Hopper both made significant contributions to American art. Although they each explored several art disciplines, Calder was known primarily as a sculptor, who first created the hanging objects called mobiles, and Hopper as a painter. Both were born [...]

Rembrandt van Rijn


Rembrandt van Rijn Born July 15 (The Day of Material Inducers) Although many streets in Amsterdam are named after painters, only one of its major squares is named after one: the Rembrandtplein.  Not surprising that this Dutch master is honored by a city and country who have undoubtedly produced more great and good painters per capita [...]

David Hockney


David Hockney Born July 9 (The Day of Wonder) The childlike joy of British artist David Hockney over his recent iPhone and iPad creations is infectious. We are captivated both by the fresh spontaneity of his work and his own Wonder over these modern electronic products. Being able to get up early in the morning [...]

Käthe Kollwitz

Käthe Kollwitz

Käthe Kollwitz Born July 8 (The Day of the Dark Pragmatist) Kollwitz’s unique work has something in common with both realistic and expressionistic art, combining the two in a very special style that was distinctly hers. On the one hand she looks back to more realistic aspects of 18th and 19th century art as well [...]

G. Mahler & M. Chagall

Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler and Marc Chagall Born July 7 (The Day of Imaginative Revelations) In my book The Secret Language of Birthdays, people born on July 7 are described as follows: “Revelation is a recurrent theme in the lives of July 7 people. The urge to uncover or hold up to scrutiny the inner visions, feelings [...]

Frida Kahlo


Born July 6 (The Day of Magnetic Desire) Frida Kahlo’s traumatic life is reflected in her paintings, primarily consisting of portraits and self-portraits. Her dark, gloomy thoughts were reflected in some of her own self-images but so were the joys she experienced, which are clearly expressed in her use of vivid colors. Kahlo herself recognized [...]

Van Gogh museum & Hermitage

picture of th hermitage museum '' At the Russian court''

MASTERPIECES FROM THE VAN GOGH MUSEUM TEMPORARILY ON VIEW IN THE HERMITAGE AMSTERDAM   Amsterdam, 24 June 2011 – The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam will begin renovation at the end of 2012 in order to ensure the condition of the building and the safety of the visitors in the long run, Axel Rüger, director [...]

Rembrandt and his circle in Paris

Rembrandt and his circle in Paris

The Dutch cultural centre Institut Néerlandais is proud to present nearly one hundred of the finest drawings by Rembrandt and his circle from the famous Frits Lugt Collection.The exhibition will bring together twenty Rembrandt drawings and a selection of the best work from his pupils and contemporaries, including Govert Flinck, Ferdinand Bol, Nicolaes Maes and [...]

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