Evolution & Corpus Acrobatics

corpus acrobatics

We had best seats for this most promising performance and I went in to see the show without any observations or detailed information on the act and the dancers and performers beforehand. We live in a time where the circus and theatre are having a hard time. We can understand the declination in its significance… Continue reading Evolution & Corpus Acrobatics

M. Flatley, R. Blades & C.Tjader


Michael Flatley, Ruben Blades, Cal Tjader Born July 16 (The Day of The Rising Tide) World music and dance embody the fusion of many styles and ethnic traditions. Such approaches have often sprung from strong national  roots while crossing over performing traditions such as jazz and other improvised music, pop, classical, Latin and folk music.… Continue reading M. Flatley, R. Blades & C.Tjader

Twyla Tharp

Twyla Tharp

Born July 1 (The Day of Emancipation) This American choreographer and dancer whose earliest years were spent as a mid-Western farm girl prefers to simply refer to her creations as “dances.” She studied with the modern dance pioneers Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham, becoming part of and an important leader in a movement that deliberately… Continue reading Twyla Tharp