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Denim Days ®

  When we speak of fashion we seldom address jeans or denim as they belong so much to everyday casual streetwear and used to be for working class people only. But Denim and Jeans represent much more. As a matter of fact, they are enshrined in all of our contemporary genes – yes genes, not [...]

Antwerp and its Fashion Academy

A team effort of 50 years. The city of Antwerp, Belgium, celebrates the 50 year anniversary of its Fashion Academy along with the 350 year anniversary of the Royal Arts Academy. Foremost known for its old masters in painting, recently more established as the place where trendy upbeat music is created, there can be no [...]

Tubino : Back to the basics

Best of both worlds in a woman’s mind. If a great shirt and a decent pair of shoes are the items a man cannot afford to miss out on in his wardrobe, we could say that a simple but effective pencil skirt is the item that will make a woman’s life a lot easier. That [...]

Whole Lotta

For the headpiece with the light blue feathers, Lotta Isopuro used her mother’s leather pants and necklace from the 90’s. A big seashell used in an Australian wind chime was given a new life and honored with the pride of place in the front of this extravagant creation. Lotta is a Finnish designer living in [...]

Sjaak Hullekes

‘’I am a Libra, Comfortable & Creative ‘’   He started its collaboration with the Paris-based press-office PRESSING in 2009. As a result of this collaboration his clothing has been used for many editorial photo-shoots, and covered in magazines. Sjaak Hullekes: We have introduced the Sjaak Hullekes brand in the summer of 2008 at the [...]

Andrea Mohr

Ingredients of daily life and work of a successful young menswear designer: In the summer of 2012, I spoke with Andrea Mohr, dedicated to making her work reach out to an international audience. We spoke of 7 elementary topics:   Andrea Mohr: ‘’detail-oriented, driven and sometimes quite stubborn’’ ABK Maastricht-Fashion Design B.A. in 2012   1)  International [...]

DENHAM : the jeanmaker

Denham from top to bottom Exploring the 5 story building of the DENHAM brand flagship store in Amsterdam is like walking around in a modern jeans factory where shop, service center, kitchen, storage, large showrooms, design and atelier spaces merge together with no strict borders between them. At least they feel totally open to me [...]

MoMu : Walter van Beirendonck

Exhibition : Dream the world awake. Note: Van Beirendonck and MoMu closed the following exhibition with a total of 56.000 visitors in February 2012. The entire work in the field of Fashion design with all his collections and collaborations can be observed in close detail on close to 90 (!) rotating platforms in the Antwerp [...]

Alexander McQueen exhibition

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition came to an end last night, but it has already considered one of the Met’s top exhibitions. This puts Savage Beauty among the ranks of other historic blockbusters at the Met, including the Tutankhamen (1987), Mona Lisa (1963) and Picasso (2010) exhibitions. The show is [...]

Oscar de la Renta

oscar de la renta

Oscar de la Renta is born on July 22nd 1932 in the Dominican Republic’s vibrant capital city, Santo Domingo. His childhood spent in this tropical island, filled with color, flowers, and sunshine, has and continues to inspire his bright palette and beautiful designs. “My great strength is knowing who I am and where I come [...]

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