David Yarrow

A WILD ENCOUNTER with David Yarrow Text and questions Alexander Moust Dear David. First of all thank; you so much for receiving a long-lasting visual and textual delight as part of myself reviewing your book and work.  ———————————— AW) If myself and all the readers of this magazine were aliens coming from another galaxy and… Continue reading David Yarrow

Breda Photo 2016 is about YOU

The international Photo Exhibition Breda Photo 2016 will have ‘YOU’ as its central concept. How interesting it could be to be able to study in which ways other photographers have captured and narrated stories in relation to ‘US’, the viewers and protagonists. Or was it not just that?

Denim Days ®

When we speak of fashion we seldom address jeans or denim as they belong so much to everyday casual streetwear and used to be for working class people only. But Denim and Jeans represent much more. As a matter of fact, they are enshrined in all of our contemporary genes – yes genes, not jeans.… Continue reading Denim Days ®

Perspektivet Museum presents:

Photographer: Matthew Willman.

Perspektivet Museum in the town of Tromso, way over the arctic circle, have made a truly daring and beautiful exhibition of a project of this talented photographer, which should as whole be seen by far more people in the world. CULTJA came to visit the museum Perspektivet this summer, which will in the future put together even more daring exhibitions.

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The Stuff you can’t bottle

Friday, April 5, 2013

ABC and Hotel V would like to invite you to a book presentation and public interview with creative director, author, filmmaker, and TED alumni King Adz


The event will be moderated by Erik Kessels from advertising agency KesselsKramer.

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Chasin’ the Trane

john coltrane

In the late fifties and early sixties it seemed that virtually every jazz musician was awed by the creative endeavors of tenor and soprano saxophonist John Coltrane. Likewise, many music lovers were attracted to his musical mastery and far-reaching improvisational explorations. The earlier Coltrane work might have gone almost unnoticed but when he formed his… Continue reading Chasin’ the Trane

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