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Lena Horne


Born June 30 (The Day of Motivation) As a jazz singer, dancer and actress Lena Horne’s career spanned almost the entire 20th century. Still recording in her early 80’s Horne’s voice was familiar to every American as was her beautiful image, seen frequently on TV entertainment shows and in the movies. The apparently ageless Horne [...]

S. Celibidache & R. Rodgers


Born June 28 (The Day of Emotional Stimulation) Born 10 years apart on the same day, the Romanian conductor Sergiu Celibidache  and the American composer Richard Rodgers, although classical and popular musicians, respectively, both had the ability to move their audiences to tears as well as bring them to the heights of musical ecstasy and [...]

Terry Riley


Born June 24 (The Day of the Blissful Wizard) Terry Riley’s musical approach is very similar to that of Johann Sebastian Bach in one important respect. As Bach took the strands of Italian, French and German Baroque along with other elements of English and continental music and synthesized them in his own compositions, so Riley [...]

Glenn Gould

glenn gould

Debut at Salzburg Festival – 1959 I had already seen the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould in concert at his Philadelphia debut, and had also heard his recording of the Goldberg Variations, so in a sense I knew what to expect. But I was curious also to see how a European audience, a highly sophisticated one, [...]

Eric Dolphy


Born June 20 (The Day of Ecstatic Appeal) Dolphy is the supreme example of the highly conceptual, avante-garde jazz musician who was largely unappreciated in his time. A master of the bass clarinet, an instrument he personally introduced into jazz, and also a flutist and alto saxophonist, Dolphy was the musician’s musician, a free jazz [...]

Paul McCartney

paul mccartney

Born June 18 (The Day of Financial Security) As possibly the most financially successful creative artist of all time, McCartney’s position raises the whole question of how the artist’s work is accorded recognition and reward; also as to whether success has a limiting or negative influence on the expression of creativity itself. That paintings done [...]

Igor Stravinsky


Born June 17 (The Day of Artful Force) Igor Stravinsky cut most of his law school classes and spent more and more time studying orchestration with Rimsky-Korsakoff. For  Diaghalev’s dance company he wrote the ballets Firebird, Petrouchka, and Rite of Spring. The latter was written in 1911 and caused a sensation at its Paris premiere [...]

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