David Yarrow

A WILD ENCOUNTER with David Yarrow Text and questions Alexander Moust Dear David. First of all thank; you so much for receiving a long-lasting visual and textual delight as part of myself reviewing your book and work.  ———————————— AW) If myself and all the readers of this magazine were aliens coming from another galaxy and… Continue reading David Yarrow

Breda Photo 2016 is about YOU

The international Photo Exhibition Breda Photo 2016 will have ‘YOU’ as its central concept. How interesting it could be to be able to study in which ways other photographers have captured and narrated stories in relation to ‘US’, the viewers and protagonists. Or was it not just that?

World Press Photo 16

Winning photo and other shots from WPP16

16 April, Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands World Press Photo is among the most influential photo exhibitions in the world and it cannot be denied that photojournalism is still and ever evolving.

Vivian Maier in FOAM

Vivian Maier’s life and ‘work’ ( she was a nanny most of her professional life and never sold a single photograph) is of stunning beauty – also seen the fact that she has never received an education in this artistic field and never exhibited nor received any further professional advice and funding what so ever.… Continue reading Vivian Maier in FOAM

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It Has Happened

photo : Lutz Baumann

For lovers of experimental photography in Paris, TPTP’s December-show, It Has Happened, was a thought-provoking group exhibition which did not disappoint. Subtle strains of classical music set the tone for the December 12th, 2009 opening at the gallery on 20 rue Muller, in Montmartre where visitors were invited to explore a compelling selection of contemporary photography… Continue reading It Has Happened


The Van Gogh Museum is once again proud to present another great and revealing exhibition in its side wing on the Museumsquare in Amsterdam. Unveiling old photographs made with instant Kodak cameras in the late years of the 19th century in relation to paintings made by both famous painters and painters yet unknown to a… Continue reading Snapshots

Corbijn – inwards and onwards

Inwards and onwards

FOAM : 23 June – 1 September 2011 Foam is proud to present Anton Corbijn’s most recent photographic project. In it he has aimed the camera at a few of his favourite artists, including Gerhard Richter, Alexander McQueen, Richard Prince, Iggy Pop, Anselm Kiefer, Damien Hirst, Tom Waits, Peter Doig, Bruce Springsteen, Lucian Freud and… Continue reading Corbijn – inwards and onwards