International Light Festival

This winter, Amsterdam will light up once again up during Amsterdam Light Festival. This is the third edition of the winter light festival for young and old. For more than fifty days, the historical center of Amsterdam will be the unique décor for this international festival.

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Music Docs at IDFA 2014

In the many genres that documentary can have, music documentary or ‘rockumentary’ is for many spectators among their favorites. As the IDFA festival chooses to host directors of films around subjects of which  (recent) political issues, the ecology, freedom of speech, free media and gender or human rights issues are most frequent, the music documentary… Continue reading Music Docs at IDFA 2014

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As the 27th IDFA festival is coming to an end it is time to analyze the successes of this event. Noteworthy is the fact that the amounts of people attending the screenings and also the professionals engaged in and present at the festival have once again risen, compared to previous editions of IDFA.

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Vivian Maier in FOAM

Vivian Maier’s life and ‘work’ ( she was a nanny most of her professional life and never sold a single photograph) is of stunning beauty – also seen the fact that she has never received an education in this artistic field and never exhibited nor received any further professional advice and funding what so ever.… Continue reading Vivian Maier in FOAM

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Antwerp and its Fashion Academy

Desire PHOTO Boy Kortekaas

A team effort of 50 years. The city of Antwerp, Belgium, celebrates the 50 year anniversary of its Fashion Academy along with the 350 year anniversary of the Royal Arts Academy. Foremost known for its old masters in painting, recently more established as the place where trendy upbeat music is created, there can be no… Continue reading Antwerp and its Fashion Academy

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Perspektivet Museum presents:

Photographer: Matthew Willman.

Perspektivet Museum in the town of Tromso, way over the arctic circle, have made a truly daring and beautiful exhibition of a project of this talented photographer, which should as whole be seen by far more people in the world. CULTJA came to visit the museum Perspektivet this summer, which will in the future put together even more daring exhibitions.

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