Big Easy Express

If a road movie is supposed to be on wheels, this doc on an exceptional train ride over 2000 miles with 3 folk bands in it, is a memorable new way of looking at what a road movie really is. As the musicians in this tour are welcomed by enthusiastic fans along the tracks where several concerts are given, as an audience we get closer to their daily life of mostly jamming in mixed settings as the southern states of the US float by. The entire crew is having the time of their lives and with New Orleans as a final stop and open air concert, both audience and band members get everything out of their life, travel and making music together. Some of the songs we do know, some are improvised, some inspired by Woody Guthrie, Dylan, or other beatnik and gypsy-like characters from ..already..way back.

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Io e te

Bertolucci did it again.

After years of virtual silence Bernardo Bertolucci, one of the masters of Italian cinema has come up with a new masterpiece.

Set in contemporary Italy it zooms in on the relationship of a young teenager, his mother and his few years older half sister.

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Shed Simove


ABC Amsterdam, ABC Treehut, – December 6/7/8, 2012

ABC and Hotel V are inviting you to a series of events with modern day entrepreneurial genius and author Shed Simove who is coming to Amsterdam and The Hague to talk about his new book ‘Success…Or Your Money Back‘ , the easiest and quickest success manual in the world which contains 30 SECRETS FOR GETTING ANYTHING YOU DESIRE.

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Whole Lotta

For the headpiece with the light blue feathers, Lotta Isopuro used her mother’s leather pants and necklace from the 90’s. A big seashell used in an Australian wind chime was given a new life and honored with the pride of place in the front of this extravagant creation. Lotta is a Finnish designer living in Amsterdam.  She makes accessories out of used materials. For her, it’s a big pleasure and challenge to find the beauty in objects that seem worthless or uninteresting at first glance. This way they get a second chance.

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Alias Ruby Blade

A Story of Love and Revolution When East Timor became independent from its occupier, Indonesia, the youngest democracy of the 21st century was born. At the core of that event possibly taking place a large number of political actions had to be made before this independence came into being. Told from the perspective of human rights activist Kirsty Sword and political prisoner Xanana Gusmao and his fellow freedom fighters, gradually, scene by scene and year by year, the story of the oppressed people of East Timor is told. And at the same time, the love story between the two activists is seen through exchanges of videotapes, presents, paintings, audiocassettes, letters, mobile phone calls and emails. Xanana and Kirsty (alias Ruby blade during her secret operation) manage to guide the people from East Timor in nonviolent resistance and get international attention from the media, which eventually works out positively through the interference of UN forces and a treaty with Indonesia.

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Beyond Wriezen

When Daniel Abma was still a young guy he always felt afraid to get close to criminals like the three guys who are the leading characters in Abma’s three-year long filmic study with a video camera. Before that time he had already been able to come up close to them in prison where he was working at the time and gain their trust in him as a stranger. Now he is happy to say that his first feature-length documentary ”Beyond Wriezen” is doing well in cinema’s and raises some debate on how people like these three young men should be looked upon and treated after they are released from prison after long-term sentences.

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When director Kari-Anne Moe and cameraman Havard Fossum were doing their shooting of a documentary on 4 young political activists in Norway, a terrible event shocked the Norwegian nation of the assault and murders on the 22nd of July 2011. This day is enshrined in the conscience of all Norwegians and bringing the mad assassin of so many youngsters on the isle of Utoeya to face justice is just an element of the ongoing struggle in the minds of those who were real witnesses to the tragic events. Johanna, one of the four protagonists of the film ”Bravehearts”, underwent the horrors of having to spend time in hiding with her friend, sitting in a ditch for what must have been close to an hour while other helpless and unarmed young friends of theirs were shot to death not further away than 50 meters from their hideout.

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