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ProjectUpdate Open day Photo credit Annemiek Rhebergen
ProjectUpdate Open day Photo credit Annemiek Rhebergen


CommonSites is an international initiative that provides a unique web-based platform for the heritage sector. CommonSites is a partner-to-partner venture, designed to unite funders and project partners to benefit communities around the world. Through our network of Trusted Partners we ensure that sustainable research and heritage projects meet the highest quality professional standards.

Our innovative yet proven technology allows projects to be easily brought on-line and updated. This interactive format engages both funders and communities by allowing them to access up-to-date reports of projects they are interested in. Our web-based platform increases the visibility of heritage projects for all who are involved, whether they be funders, project partners, academic institutions or members of local communities.

Our open-source software is easily added to any current web-page using widgets. Project partners will have individualized and corporate-branded project-pages. Through dedicated support and advice, CommonSites will assist Project Partners in putting their funding, reporting and monitoring processes online as seamlessly, easily and as transparently as possible.

Through our open-source software partners can use CommonSites to find and share knowledge, raise funds and simplify reporting back to donors. Experts and students can donate time to help projects they are interested in. Funders can follow projects on-line and search for novel support opportunities from a network of Trusted Partners.

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