RAW Rhythm Festival 2009

Raw Rhythm will probably be held this year in 2010 under another name and will also conceptually change.
After speaking to a representative from it’s organisers updates on the festival will be released in due time this year.
Listen to the interviews that were conducted during the festival in 2009 and broadcasted on the air and internet.
The festival which received a large audience of all parts and parties should be concidered a succes. With 8000 visitors and a at all times cheerful crowd and open sky and sunshine-this event should definately be brought to live again in 2010.

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By Aleph

Studied Film Direction, Camera, Photography and Languages in The Netherlands and Belgium. Became a multilingual journalist and writer with a pen and camera in 2001 and traveled. Wrote and writes for various international magazines and newspapers. Runs a studio for video production in Amsterdam with his partner. Loves the long and heavy click of an old analog SLR camera, the intensity of conducting face to face interviews and tonic on a terrace in Paris. Initiated CULTJA in 2011.

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