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ABC Amsterdam, ABC Treehut, – December 6/7/8, 2012

ABC and Hotel V are inviting you to a series of events with modern day entrepreneurial genius and author Shed Simove who is coming to Amsterdam and The Hague to talk about his new book ‘Success…Or Your Money Back‘ , the easiest and quickest success manual in the world which contains 30 SECRETS FOR GETTING ANYTHING YOU DESIRE.

In his presentation, Shed will be sharing his insights on how to be successful, his various spectacular adventures, including launching his own currency, changing his name to God – and releasing ’50 Shades Of Gray’ -a blank book containing 200 grey pages getting darker from front to back.

About Shed Simove:

Shed Simove is a performer, author, and serial entrepreneur. Harnessing a constant stream of ideas from his astonishingly active mind, Shed has learned to transform his unconventional concepts into lucrative new business ventures which form the basis of his completely unique stand-up routines and corporate speeches.

As well as a successful career in television production, Shed has forged a highly innovative merchandising empire – selling one million novelty gifts, executive toys, best-selling adult sweets, books and greeting cards worldwide. He’s even launched his own currency! Shed has won ‘Gift Of The Year’ twice for two of his creations – a range of birthday candles that spelt “You’re Old” and the hugely popular ‘Sound Machine’. He also gained worldwide fame as the bestselling author of ‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex’, a 200-page book that is completely blank inside. This title reached the top fifty of the Amazon chart.

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About the Book:

This book is different from previous success manuals because it’s practical, fast to read and amusing too. If you’re someone who wants to have great ideas and make them happen, this is for you. It’s an engaging, funny and easy book to digest…and vital for anyone wanting to win at the game of life. 

Inside the book, you’ll find brand new, powerful and fast ways to get exactly what you want – and concrete techniques for success in your business or personal life.

Shed is so confident that these methods will work for you – as they have for him – that he’s able to make the astonishingly bold and exciting promise contained in the title.

After reading this book, you’ll be inspired, energized and equipped for your future success…or your money back (see inside book for details).

December 6 at 18.00 & December 7 at 20.00
ABC Treehut, The Hague
Business talk and book presentation
€5,- at the door (reservations:

December 8, 15.00
ABC Store, Amsterdam
Book signing and product discussion
No cost.

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