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Nathaniel Hawthorne

nathaniel hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne Born July 4 (The Day of the Group Representative) Born on America’s national holiday, The Day of the Group Representative, the short story writer and novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne was typical in many ways of the 19th century Romantic American authors that included Emerson, Thoreau, Melville, Poe, Twain, Walt Whitman and Stephen Crane.  In [...]

Carlos Kleiber

carlos kleiber

Born July 3 (The Day of the Commemorator) Carlos Kleiber was born on the first day of the Week of the Unconventional (July 3-10), a word that certainly describes his approach to orchestral conducting. A highly expressive, joyful and flamboyant musician, off the stage he was inaccessible to interviewers, unreliable in committing to a performance [...]

Hermann Hesse


Born July 2 (The Day of the Disconnected Unconscious) When Herman Hesse died in 1962 he could not have realized how important his books would become for a whole generation of young  people growing up only a few years later. In some ways the true prophet of the 1960’s and the revolutionary spirit of the [...]

Twyla Tharp

Twyla Tharp

Born July 1 (The Day of Emancipation) This American choreographer and dancer whose earliest years were spent as a mid-Western farm girl prefers to simply refer to her creations as “dances.” She studied with the modern dance pioneers Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham, becoming part of and an important leader in a movement that deliberately [...]

Lena Horne


Born June 30 (The Day of Motivation) As a jazz singer, dancer and actress Lena Horne’s career spanned almost the entire 20th century. Still recording in her early 80’s Horne’s voice was familiar to every American as was her beautiful image, seen frequently on TV entertainment shows and in the movies. The apparently ageless Horne [...]

Noorderlicht photofestival 2011

Noorderlicht photofestival 2011

Summer exhibition Fashion – Story of a Lifetime Groningen – The Netherlands 16 July – 28 August 2011 Opening 15 July 17:00 This exhibition from the Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai gives a unique overview of haute couture in the twentieth century, with iconic work by influential fashion photographers. In Fashion – Story of a [...]

Oriana Fallaci


Born June 29 (The Day of Airborne Dreamers) Mainly a journalist, Oriana Fallaci achieved her greatest fame through books that were not primarily literary documents. A Man, her best-known work, is really a memoir written about the Greek political activist Alexandros Panagoulis. Her other important books, such as The Rage and the Pride were newspaper [...]

S. Celibidache & R. Rodgers


Born June 28 (The Day of Emotional Stimulation) Born 10 years apart on the same day, the Romanian conductor Sergiu Celibidache  and the American composer Richard Rodgers, although classical and popular musicians, respectively, both had the ability to move their audiences to tears as well as bring them to the heights of musical ecstasy and [...]

The Green Fashion Competition

Elsien Gringhuis winning the 2011 competition at AIFW

Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW) is organizing its second season of The Green Fashion Competition (TGFC) in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I). The Green Fashion Competition is a contest which encourages participants to create ‘green’ and ‘catwalk-worthy’ fashion. Participants will design three outfits and write a business plan [...]

Krzysztof Kieslowski


Born June 27 (The Day of the Defensive Developer) The Polish filmmaking giant Krzysztof Kieslowski was prolific in his short life as both a maker of feature and documentary films. Kieslowski’s filmography shows him beginning with documentaries and short films in 1966 and then in 1975 turning to directing features until 1994 when he retired [...]

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