Paris still capital of Jazz & love?

What does Paris mean to me?

Since I was a teenager I was fortunate enough to save money and make up and down trips by train to Paris, the first metropolis I knew. For me at the age of 13 or 14 it was filled with things I would later learn belong to our most valued: Love, Romance and …Jazz…

Walking in Paris in spring still feels the same to me even today. After 30 years it breaths of …new and exciting things.

Paris and the Seine
Paris and the Seine

New energy, this regalness and a feeling of being  ‘’ón top of the world’’. Many poets, writers and artists have lived there in the past, but does Paris have the same effect on new generations? And what is it that makes the french way of life so endearing and fascinating? Is it in the way woman dress, or how coffee drinking and having a croissant is a memorable moment of every start of yet another day in a dreamlike state of mind?

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Is it because of its beauty displayed around you as seen through the eyes of painters, photographers and architects?

Or is it the annual gathering of the entire world in tune with fashion on almost every streetcorner where each person tries to be ” in Vogue”?

Is it the river Seine and the ‘’quai’’ surrounding it, especially at night, that makes time stop for a while and leave you to breath fresh air and with every breath you take a new idea arises and takes shape in your mind?

And music, did I forget to mention MUSIC? Which other city in the world relates more to Jazz then Paris does? John Coltrane’s album ”Lush Life” needs no other frame of mind then a walk through town.

Or is it the timeless quality and the history of the country and its international group of people and their cultures and ways of expression ?

Who is lucky enough to speak French will also understand the ways of doing things better, not just the surface of life itself as it may appear to you when you first set foot on Parisian soil and hear French spoken around you.

Or is it the fresh air one feels on his or her cheeks when you walk around in it…

Maybe you know?

Tell me what it is!

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